How to find an Internship in Ireland

Internships can be a great way to kickstart your career. They give you the opportunity to get valuable experience on your CV. For a lot of employers experience is key when selecting candidates. However there is a sacrifice, in return for this valuable experience, internships often pay very little and the role can also include mundane tasks. It?s very important to decide whether this sacrifice is worth the experience you want to get.

If you think finding an internship will be the stepping stone to starting your career below is advice on how to find an internship in Ireland.


What you want and what you can offer

Before you start looking for an internship in Ireland make sure you are very clear on what experience you want to gain from the internship. Also, make sure you are able to clearly articulate what you can offer the company, particularly if you are working in a startup. People are usually very busy. For them, giving up their time to coach you is very costly for them.

Often people make the mistake of telling companies only what they want out of the internship. When considering who to offer an internship to, companies will want to know what you are going to do for them and how can you help them achieve their goals. If you can answer this question you chances of getting an internship in Ireland will be drastically better.

One last point, don?t discount your experience because it wasn?t in a company. It?s important to keep in mind the characteristics employers seek and be able to demonstrate with examples how you possess those traits. ?You can demonstrate leadership by being the captain of your team or team leader in a group project.



There are companies in Ireland which can organise an unpaid internship for you for a fee of up to ?500. Don?t waste your money. There are a lot of internships being advertised in Ireland. If you do your research you can find them yourself. Also, Dublin has a very strong startup community. If you contact startups in Dublin and talk about what you can offer the company, plenty will give you an opportunity.

As well as you can also try the following websites:



Linkedin is very popular in Ireland. I know in other European countries like Italy it is not so popular and in Germany they use an alternative website Linkedin is a great networking tool and it also a great sales tool to help you to find an internship. It is often use by employers to source candidates. If you are not setup on linkedin it would be a good idea to create a profile and state clearly you are looking for an internship, what you can offer and what experience you have.



Ireland is packed with startups which will give you plenty of opportunities to find an internship. However, startups are very cost conscious and generally will not be able to pay any more than your daily expenses. There is a very good website called They have a list of companies as well as hubs you can contact to find an internship. There also a website called which is useful to find out what positions are available in startups in Dublin.


Established Companies

Every year companies in Ireland run graduate programmes and summer internships. Most of these companies are based in the assurance & bank industry. They include: PwC, KMPG, Grant Thornton, Bank of Ireland, AIB, E&Y, Deloitte & RBK. ?You will find application on their website.


Get close to the fire

One last point is even if you can not directly find the experience you want try to get as close as possible to the people who have the job you want. I took up a role in a company, it wasn?t my first choice but it gave me valuable experience. After a number of months and with a recommendation from my manager I was able to transfer within the company to the role I wanted.



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