Impact of COVID-19 on the workplace and internships

Working Remotely

COVID-19 has forever changed how we work. COVID-19 has forced a large number of office workers to work remotely. It has proved businesses can continue to function normally. Working from home has a significant benefit for employees who are forced to commute long distances every day. Even after a cure is found and things go back to normal it is clear there will be more businesses open to employees working remotely.

This will have a major impact on employee job satisfaction. People will have a much better work/life balance. Also, employees will have the opportunity to travel more as they can work from any location with reliable wi-fi.

There are also benefits for businesses too, these include:

  • Rent is reduced as less office space needed
  • Businesses can employ cheaper labour working abroad
  • Business can recruit from a wider talent pool
  • Happier employees as less time is spent commuting
  • Possibly more productive employees as they have a better work/life balance

Mark Zuckerberg said he expects up to 50pc of staff to be long-term remote workers within the next five to 10 years, which will enable the company to “attract and retain broader pools of talent”

Implication for internships

There is no doubt there will be a significant financial impact associated with COVID-19. This will result in the total number of internships be available declining. However, there will be greater flexibility in internships, meaning you can work from your home country.

Internships when done correctly can be a great stepping stone to help you get your foot on the ladder. They can give you the experience you need to convince the interviewer to give you an opportunity to show what you can do. As a result of COVID-19 you will have more opportunities to participate in internships from a remote location. This may provide you with more opportunities as some internships may have been unavailable to you due to the cost of moving or legal reasons like having a working visa.


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